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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Which types of equipment does ARG repair?
  • A: The vast majority of lawn care equipment manufactured in the last 10 years or beyond - including tillers, push mowers, riding mowers, zero turns, generators (engine side only), and push blowers.

  • Q: Which types of parts does ARG install upon repair?
  • A: ARG installs OEM replacement parts whenever available.

  • Q: What is the warranty policy for ARG?
  • A: ARG honors and supports all parts guarantees applicable and stands behind a 30 day labor/ installation policy.

  • Q: Does ARG accept checks and credit cards?
  • A: Yes! ARG is partnered with NPC for convenient, on the spot credit and debit card processing. Checks are accepted upon management approval.

  • Q: Does ARG offer a pickup / delivery option?
  • A: Yes! This service is especially designed for all customers that do not have the time or the tools necessary to deliver their equipment to ARG. $24.95 is the standard fee for any customers that require that particular service within a 10 mile radius from our location. A discounted price of $14.95 is available for "one way" exchanges such as ARG retrieval / customer pick up or customer drop off / ARG delivery.
    (After hours and weekend appointments available! Give us a call.)

  • Q: Does ARG recycle?
  • A: Yes! ARG is committed to being a responsible member of the green community. We recycle all disposable materials that are directly produced or created as a result of the processes of inventory control, evaluations, and repair. 97% of fuel, oil, rubber, cardboard, plastics, and metals are recovered and recycled when applicable.

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